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Seeking guidance 
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“The path we follow is, in some very deep way, not a personal choice, but a destiny. That is why a genuine teacher does not recruit or try to enlist students, but simply follows the unfolding of the logos accepting what it reveals.”

A.H. ALMAAS (Hameed Ali) - Co-Founder of the Diamond Approach

Each person’s inquiry is different, as it is the response of our deepest nature to our unfolding life. Our individual consciousness grows and matures over time as we inquire ever more deeply into the life we are living. 

Central to supporting this developmental process is the student-teacher relationship that grows and deepens over time in regular monthly individual sessions.  

Gain a trusted guide on your journey

You will have contact with teachers in retreats and smalls groups – and more personally in individual sessions with your private teacher.

Diamond Approach teachers participate in an extensive personal formation process conducted by the Ridhwan Foundation. While training, they continue their personal work and participation as students of the Diamond Approach.

What you can expect from working with a teacher

Our teachers, who come from Australia and the USA, participate in ongoing education, training and supervision to ensure they have a complete understanding of the Diamond Approach teaching and sufficient capacity and realisation to deliver the teaching and provide individual sessions.

In an individual session with a teacher you will experience:

  • Guidance towards a deeper understanding of what is arising for you
  • Opportunities to discover and explore your deeper spiritual nature
  • Support to integrate realisation into your everyday life
  • Open space free of judging and directing
  • Penetrating questions that invite deeper awareness and understanding.

Individual sessions with a teacher do not provide therapy or problem solving, although psychological issues and insights will arise, along with resolutions to some of life’s difficulties.

To find out more about the Diamond Approach Australia teaching team head to our teachers, to organise a teacher session head to find a teacher.

How to start working with a teacher

If you are interested in commencing individual sessions with a Diamond Approach teacher, the application process involves two steps.

Step 1:

Complete a comprehensive and confidential questionnaire which will be forwarded to one of the teachers working with Diamond Approach Australia.

Step 2:

Participate in a personal interview (usually conducted by telephone or video call) with one of the teachers working with Diamond Approach Australia.

Once these two steps are completed, we will help you choose your Diamond Approach teacher who you will work with by telephone, video call or face-to-face depending on where you live. 

Starting individual sessions with a teacher usually precedes joining an ongoing retreat group. It is possible to do individual sessions with a teacher and not join an ongoing group.

Would you like to be more sensitively grounded in your immediate experience?

Consider working with a Diamond Approach teacher. To begin the initial application process, contact Alicia – our Diamond Approach Australia Manager, and she will assist you through the process.