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Inspired to 
 explore your 
 spiritual nature?


Inspired to explore 
 your spiritual nature?

“When we are no longer locked into a rigid adherence to position and point of view, learning can be fun and light-hearted. Then every new vista becomes a playing field of opportunity.”

KAREN JOHNSON - Co-Founder of the Diamond Approach

If you are longing for a supportive community committed to learning, joining a retreat group at Diamond Approach Australia might be precisely what you are looking for. 

Our retreat groups are the primary vehicle for ongoing development on the Diamond Approach path, serving to guide and encourage your spiritual journey. 

If you are in touch with what A.H. Almaas calls “the enlightenment drive” – the drive to realise your spiritual nature to the fullest extent in endlessly unfolding ways – then the learning you will experience in an ongoing retreat group will benefit you.

Interested in joining an ongoing retreat group?

A shared journey of spirit!

The teaching is taught in open-ended retreat groups committed to long-term inquiry, guided by our teachers who have extensive training. 

After an initial open period, ongoing retreat groups close and stop accepting new members. The closing of the group fosters a stable, committed, supportive learning community that continues to share the unfolding path of this teaching. 

Through an ongoing retreat group you will discover:

  • A step-by-step, gradual path of awakening that clarifies and expands your consciousness
  • Spiritual practices that help you become more present and aware
  • Qualities of presence that realise your potential and bring you fulfilment
  • What it means to love the truth for its own sake
  • Skills for practicing open and open-ended inquiry
  • How this teaching differs from spiritual paths that focus on transcendence
  • How to be in the world but not of the world
  • How to defend against inner-judge attacks that constrain your self-acceptance and compassion
  • An experiential understanding of how your individual soul grows and evolves.

What are you likely to experience on this journey of discovery?

  • Aliveness: Awakening to new dimensions of joy and contentment
  • Subtle Sensing: Embodying varied aspects of presence with awareness
  • Inquiry: Refining your capacity for ongoing discovery and new insights
  • Guidance: Seeing and undoing common obstacles to experience more freedom
  • Direct Experience: Living in the moment without shame and judgement
  • Presence: Experiencing the mystery of your spiritual nature.

FAQs about ongoing retreat groups

If you are becoming interested in joining an ongoing retreat group, and want more detailed information, read our responses to some frequently asked questions.

How to join an ongoing retreat group

Joining an ongoing retreat group involves completing the same application process required for starting individual sessions with a Diamond Approach teacher. 

Step 1:

Complete a comprehensive and confidential questionnaire which will be forwarded to one of the teachers working with the ongoing group.

Step 2:

Participate in a personal interview (usually conducted by telephone or Skype) with one of the teachers working with the ongoing group.

This two-step application process may occur at different times for different people. For example, some people complete the application process when they start working with a teacher and before attending their first ongoing group retreat, while other people complete the application process after attending a couple of retreats and when they start individual sessions with a teacher.  

Usually, attending one-off retreats and working with a teacher precedes joining an ongoing retreat group. However, we are open to responding to your unique way of joining an ongoing retreat group.  You can discuss your pathway with Rosanna, our Manager. 

Our new ongoing retreat group (DAA8) is open and welcoming students

Would you like to join our new ongoing retreat group? 

To find out more, register your interest or apply to join the group contact Rosanna – our Manager, and she will support you through the process. 

Upcoming DAA8 retreats

These online and in-person retreats provide an opportunity for you to get a taste of the teaching and a sense of what it is like being in an ongoing retreat group. 

2022 Retreat schedule for DAA8

January DAA8: January 13-17, 2023 (5-day retreat)
In person in Sydney and on Zoom

May 19-21, 2023 (3 day retreat)
On Zoom ONLY

October DAA8: October 14-18, 2023 (5-day retreat)
In person in Sydney and on Zoom

Have you seen our upcoming events section? There are a number of free webinars throughout the year, with DAA Teachers, offering mini Diamond Approach teachings. Take a look!

Do you need more information before taking your next step?

Contact Rosanna – our manager, and she will answer your questions and provide you with information about how you could become involved in a way that works for you.