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Wishing to 
 be embodied 
 and present?


Wishing to be  
 embodied and present?

“Meditation is awareness of the truth, so we sense, look, and listen all the time to be aware of the simple truth of what is now.”

A.H.ALMAAS (Hameed Ali) - Co-Founder of the Diamond Approach

Do you often feel that you have limited or no time at all to simply sit, be aware and do nothing? Meditation supports us to ground ourselves, settle into presence and be receptive to what is spontaneously emerging. 

So true meditation, true practice, from the perspective of the Diamond Approach, consists of following your inquiry thread and your journey of ongoing discovery. This means being where you are and continuing to be where you are without trying to make your experience go in any particular direction. 

Meditation helps you be more connected to yourself and present to others in your daily life

From our perspective, the action of meditation can simply be to perceive the process of becoming. The capacity for being present and aware is developed in the Diamond Approach path through practicing several different forms of mediation like the “Belly Meditation” also known as the “Kath Meditation”

Meditation requires practice because most of the time, we do not know where we are, we do not understand where we are, or we are fighting and rejecting where we are.
A.H.ALMAAS (Hameed Ali) - Co-Founder of the Diamond Approach

Some guidance from A.H. Almaas on the practice of meditation

The best attitude for doing meditation is to forget about results. Forget about what will happen when you do the meditation—just do it. When you meditate, you might not feel your presence, but that is fine. Just the doing of it is what’s needed.
Meditation is something we practice, but ultimately, engaging inner practice and living life are not two things. Being real, learning to be real, is our practice in every moment; it becomes the living of our real life.
A.H. ALMAAS (Hameed Ali) - Co-Founder of the Diamond Approach

Want to live your life more in the present moment with harmonious flow?

Read, The Unfolding Now by A.H. Almaas and it will help you understand how to be exactly where you are in the present moment.