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 how to get 
 more from life?


Wondering how to 
 get more from life?

“The small ripples expand

In waves of release

Joy and delight,

Bubbling sweetness

Fresh fragrance

And a delicious tingle throughout.”

Waking Up: A poem by Hameed Ali

Here you will find valuable audio and video resources to assist you to discover more about yourself and the Diamond Approach path.

More resources will be added to this area over time, so be sure to come back regularly.

Listen to a podcast

Here is a curated selection of webinar podcasts by Diamond Approach Australia teachers that may assist you in your spiritual growth. We invite you to listen to any that attract your attention.

Interested in watching an educational video about the Diamond Approach path

To help your discovery process, we have an extensive collection of videos that explore various aspects of the Diamond Approach path.

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