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 to who you 
 truely are?


Waking-up to who 
 you truly are?

“How lovely to be myself, to be content with what is – wanting nothing more, desiring nothing else.”

A.H. ALMAAS (Hameed Ali) - Co-Founder of the Diamond Approach

In a world of endless distraction and pressure, it can be easy to lose yourself. Perhaps like many, you busy yourself seeking pleasure and achievement, only to find your activity leaves you feeling empty, unfulfilled and wanting more. 

It is common to become trapped in the cycle of pursuing more in the hope of feeling more fulfilled.  Some captured by this dilemma of modern life wake up and dare to wonder, what if my happiness and fulfilment are found on the inside and not on the outside?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Are you interested in letting go of who you think you are to discover a deeper you? Curious to rediscover the miraculous nature of every unfolding moment? Do you want to end the struggle with your noisy mind once and for all? Longing to release inner blockages and old emotions? Would you like to live in an open-hearted way full of gratitude? Have you a wish to cease trying so hard so you can live in harmony with the flow of your life?

Do these questions resonate with you?

If yes, the teaching and spiritual practices of the Diamond Approach will offer you an opportunity to find answers to your heartfelt questions.

Explore your true nature with the Diamond Approach

The Diamond Approach offers a body of knowledge, a powerful methodology and a vibrant community to support and guide you on your journey of self-discovery.

It is a path to inner realisation that combines time-honoured spiritual practices with modern psychological understanding. The teaching skilfully uncovers and permeates your “blind-spots” and “stuck-points” to reveal the hidden secrets of your spiritual nature.

Our approach is oriented towards revealing the truth of who you really are. As you engage in a sincere way with this teaching and its practices, your experience and life will transform. You are likely to experience liberating awakenings that express your true nature and help you realise your potential.

FAQs about the Diamond Approach

Guessing that a curious mind and open heart have led you here, we imagine that you might have further questions. To help you, we have provided responses to some frequently asked questions about the Diamond Approach path.

The Diamond Approach does not look at the spiritual path in terms of achieving goals. Instead, the teaching is more oriented towards discovering the truth of reality, in as deep and total a way as possible, and then to live it in your ordinary life. Reality is considered too subtle and complex to be reduced to goals. From the perspective of this open view, the path of self-discovery and self-awareness can unfold in you as various kinds of realisation. The freedom and embodiment arising from these realisations integrates your spiritual nature and your everyday functioning. One way to express this perspective is that you are “in the world but not of it”. This means that on the Diamond Approach path you participate in human society and contribute to it, while not being captured by the world and forgetting your true spiritual nature.

No. The Diamond Approach is a path of self-discovery that works toward assisting you to develop your human potential through experiencing reality and freedom, not the development of a belief system to follow. As a matter of fact, the Diamond Approach investigates all beliefs that you hold dear and helps you liberate yourself from their constraints. The aim is first to recognise your beliefs about reality, and then to know reality directly and discover its immediate truth. Beliefs are understood to often reflect unconscious orientations to your life that limit your openness to what you are experiencing. Students are welcome from all religious and spiritual traditions, and many continue in and deepen their understanding of the religious or spiritual tradition in which they have previously participated.

No. The Diamond Approach is not a type of psychotherapy, nor does it offer psychotherapy services. However, many students have engaged in psychotherapy prior to becoming involved, and some are concurrently engaged in psychotherapy and their work in the Diamond Approach. While the path combines time-honoured spiritual practices with modern psychological understanding its orientation, view, methodology and knowledge differ fundamentally from the fields of psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy. Any techniques or knowledge of the Diamond Approach that resemble those of psychotherapy are due only to the broad scope of the Diamond Approach, which incorporates the whole spectrum of human experience.

The HU symbol, which is part of the Diamond Approach Australia logo and is visible throughout this website and the Ridhwan School, is an octagon that contains four interweaving HU’s written in Arabic script. Sufis have long considered HU to be the most secret name of the Divine, pointing to the deepest mysteries of reality. In this teaching, we use this symbol in recognition of and as an invitation to experience the unity of everything. As a symbol of unity, HU also represents the realisation of the complete human being, who simultaneously is one with Being and functions as that in the world.

Feeling inquisitive and want to explore further?

Discover more about the teaching we offer and the spiritual practices we use to help you on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Read an introduction to the Diamond Approach.