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Curious if 
 you connect 
 with this teaching?


Curious if you connect 
 with this teaching?

“Early on Hameed’s publisher encouraged him to choose a pen name. Hameed decided on ‘A. H. Almaas’ because almaas means ‘diamond’ in Arabic, and he felt it was an accurate reference to the true author of his books – The Diamond Guidance – which was responsible for the wisdom coming through him”

KAREN JOHNSON - Co-Founder of the Diamond Approach

Over time A.H. Almaas has published numerous books that describe the Diamond Approach path. These books include a collection of titles within the Diamond Heart Series, the Diamond Mind Series and the Diamond Body Series. 

We invite you to browse this comprehensive library to assist you to discover more about the Diamond Approach path.

The complete catalogue of A.H. Almaas books

Upcoming and recent publications

The Diamond Heart, Mind and Body series

The Diamond Heart series

The Diamond Mind series

The Diamond Body series

Other book titles

Books by Diamond Approach teachers

Has your curiosity and inquisitiveness been sparked? Explore, our Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom.

Understand more about the teaching of the Diamond Approach path by delving into our glossary of key concepts. Each concept is referenced to the publications of A.H. Almaas.

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