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“Technology has a part in our awakening, and ultimately—rather than seeing technology as something to tolerate—to understand it as a reflection of the unity of presence and a powerful vehicle to support our individual and collective awakening.”

HAMEED AND KAREN - Co-Founders of the Diamond Approach

Advances in technology have served to shrink our geographical world, increase our access to learning and expand our opportunities to connect. As an alive and unfolding teaching, the Diamond Approach is responsive to these changes.

While the teaching of this path of self-discovery has primarily been delivered in face-to-face meetings, increasing access through online options for those with location, time and financial constraints, is a major area of development.

Diamond Approach Australia and the wider Ridhwan School have a multimodal and multidimensional vision for how to make the teaching of the Diamond Approach path more accessible to people in Australia and around the world.


The Diamond Approach Australia free online webinars aim to provide you with an opportunity to get a taste of the Diamond Approach in an accessible way, regardless of your location. Each webinar is a one-off learning experience with no prior experience required.

Webinars run from 9am-11am on Saturday mornings (Australian Eastern Standard Time). 

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Each two-hour interactive webinar explores a theme associated with a core teaching of the Diamond Approach. An overview of the theme is provided on the Upcoming events HUB where you can also register. Starting with meditation or a sensing experience the process unfolds to include teaching and an opportunity to deepen your personal understanding through an inquiry process. The method is sensitive to your confidentiality and mindful of the open nature of the group.

You are required to register for each webinar that you plan to attend within 48 hours of it commencing. Diamond Approach Australia webinars are free events and are conducted in English.

The basic technical requirements to be able participate in a webinar are:

• Access to a computer and headphones with a microphone
• An internet connection with enough download speed for video.

After you have registered for a webinar you will receive an email that confirms your registration. The email will provide you with all the information that you require to login to your chosen webinar. If you do not receive this information and/or if you are experiencing difficulties with the technical requirements, please contact us and someone from the webinar hosting group will be in touch with you.

You will need to login 15 minutes before the start time of the webinar (8.45am AEST) so that we can check that everything is working for you.

A taste of our webinars

Waking Up

February, 2016

Anne Laney


Awakening is seen in many spiritual traditions to describe a condition of lightness and revelation in the mind, heart and body. It feels like entering another universe – one we barely knew existed. Some of us come to awakening slowly, and some of us have sudden openings that need to be understood and integrated. In this webinar you will learn more about what it is that awakens, and what supports being awake in your life. How did you go to sleep in the first place? Why are you happier when you are more awake?

  • Waking up 00:00

In Search of the Miraculous

March, 2018

Laurie Wattell


Searching is intrinsic to all humans. For some it will manifest in travelling the world; for others it is following their dreams. Most of our seeking is based on a belief that what we are looking for is outside of us. What if true nature is activating your search? Is it possible that you are simply responding to an inner call? In this webinar you will explore what motivates people to be in search of the miraculous.

  • Waking up 00:00

The Inherent Value of Being

July, 2019

Jane Armytage


Value is a quality we tend to ascribe to external things, to external behaviours and accomplishments. In this webinar, you will explore value from the point of view of the Diamond Approach path, which teaches that value is a quality of presence that is independent of the mind and of the past.

  • Waking up 00:00

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Book groups

Our book groups have been designed to help you gain a greater understanding and spiritual awakening from the books penned by A. H. Almaas (the pen name of the Diamond Approach co-founder, Hameed Ali). 

These books include a collection of titles within the Diamond Heart Series, the Diamond Mind Series and the Diamond Body Series along with his more recent publications like Runaway Realization and the Alchemy of Freedom.

Diamond Approach Online

Diamond Approach Online, curated by the Ridhwan School, offers live events, interactive programs and online courses related to the teachings of the Diamond Approach path.

Courses are normally four to twelve weeks in duration and are broadcast live or through high-quality video recordings. Each course is supported by online discussions and interactive exercises. They include live question and comment (Q&C) sessions so that you can interact directly with the teachers of each course as well as with other participants around the world. To ensure learning is deep and long lasting a wide range of teaching methods are used.

The mission of Diamond Approach Online is to offer universal support for the personal unfoldment for all who are interested in the Diamond Approach path.

No matter where you are, would you like to do an online course?

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