Heartfulness in hard times


Lately, our human family has been experiencing many heart-wrenching events – rainstorms, severe drought, political, social and financial upheaval, wars, pandemics and fires.

How has this impacted you?

Many of us feel, in the intensity of these times, a certain pressure on our body, mind, heart, and psyche that feels like it is too much.

Perhaps you feel pushed to try and find some stability amid all the chaos. Perhaps you feel disheartened. Maybe you wonder where to find balance, or how to stay grounded.

In this teaching and inquiry event, we will explore our inner ground, which can provide the support and nourishment we need in this time of rapid change and increasing stress.

To respond well in the midst of turmoil, we need to access our solid ground of presence, our loving heart of kindness, and the sharp clarity of our mind.

We need not just an occasional contact with our depth, but a strong and unwavering connection to the truth of who and what we are at our core.

While the usual ego perspective is that things must be steady in the outside world before we can turn our attention to the deeper questions of spirit, it is actually our connection to our inner ground that has the greatest potential to help us and help others.

Finding the ground of presence to support us to keep heart in hard times is what we will explore in this upcoming mini retreat.