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Seeking to  
  realise your 


Seeking to 
 realise your potential?

“This spiritual path is a love story of  truth-seeking and truth-finding, of the knowledge of love and the love of knowledge, and of a topsy-turvy magical ride penetrating uncharted universes.”

KAREN JOHNSON - Co-Founder of the Diamond Approach

In the necessary process of developing our everyday self, we grow apart from our truer self, our authenticity. As a result, our day-to-day experience can feel a pale imitation of something more real.

The degree of estrangement from who we truly are, and the circumstances under which this happens, vary from person to person. For many people, the associated feelings of alienation, discontent and purposelessness become an existential crisis.

This moment of truth can evoke a yearning for something different and deeper. Turning inward to discover our depth is often expressed as a desire to discover, ‘Who am I really?’, ‘Where do I truly belong?’, ‘Is there more to life than what I am experiencing?’, and ‘What else can I be?’.

Feeling the drive for self-discovery to realise your spiritual nature and recognising that the external world will not provide what you long for, is a step towards waking-up and becoming a spiritual seeker on a path of self-awareness.

Are these experiences familiar to you?

The Diamond Approach path is a teaching that addresses the heartfelt longings and questions of spiritually oriented people living in the modern world. 

Introducing the Diamond Approach

Through exploring the ordinary circumstances of everyday life, this teaching about the realisation of our human potential and how to live that realisation emerged. Here you can watch people talk about their experience on this unique path of self-discovery.

From the perspective of our teaching realising your spiritual nature is often experienced as a feeling of coming home through discovering and loving the truth of who you really are.

Here you can find out more about Diamond Approach Australia, the teachings we offer, and the spiritual practices we use to support your journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions such as is the Diamond Approach a religion (no) or a form of psychotherapy (no) here.

Start your journey of self-discovery

Perhaps a desire for this journey is alive in your own heart – quietly, secretly waiting for you to notice. We offer you an invitation to start the adventure of rediscovering the miraculous nature of every unfolding moment.

How you can engage with this path of self-discovery

All you need to become involved is a sincere desire to discover what is true about yourself and the nature of reality. Through teacher sessions, retreats and online learning, we offer you the self-development experiences to continue your inner journey home towards living in harmony with the flow of life.

Teacher sessions

Individual work with an experienced Diamond Approach teacher who will guide your inquiry towards a deeper understanding of what is arising within you.


Ongoing work in an open-ended group that is committed through long-term inquiry to discovering the mystery of reality and the truth of who you really are.

Online learning

Short courses and “tastes of the teaching” that introduce the Diamond Approach path and make it accessible for you to learn more no matter where you are.

Upcoming events

Check out a selection of our upcoming events and see if there is something happening soon that you would like to attend. All you need to do is click on the image and you will be able to learn more about what is happening next at Diamond Approach Australia.

Check out the Upcoming events HUB

Learn more and register for all the upcoming events being offered by Diamond Approach Australia at the Event HUB.

Visit the SHOP to purchase recordings of previously held online retreats on a variety of topics.

14 Things you can do NOW

There are a number of things that you can do right now if you want to become involved with the Diamond Approach path in Australia. At this stage we appreciate that you might be just dipping your toe in the water, or perhaps you want to go a little deeper. If you click on the button below, you will be guided through a range of self-development activities that you could choose to do. Exploring these options will give you an overview of our website, and information about how to engage with the education experiences we are offering.

Our new ongoing retreat group (DAA8) is open and welcoming students

If you are looking for a supportive community of fellow spiritual travellers, our new ongoing retreat group will help you let go of who you think you are and discover a deeper and truer you.

What our students say

The teaching is the basis for my life, it resonates deeply in my being and anchors me to what’s true. The work is profound, beautiful, and wise.
Kate Manners
The work is soul nourishment for me. I love Truth more than anything and this work is all about truth. It provides an incredible roadmap for the inner world. I trust the ethics of the school.
Karina Hinterleitner
The Diamond Work has made me a better parent to my daughter. My brother who was in the work before me said I would find it so. Seemed hard to believe at the time, but it has been absolutely true.
Kathryn Schultz
After many years of healing work I came to a time in my life when I was looking for something deeper, spiritually involved yet grounded. My search was frustrating, the number of spiritual schools, teachings and teachers was overwhelming. The Diamond Approach attracted me because of its clarity, depth, impact, and ethical approach to inner work.
Dean Smith
DAA has revealed to me, my truth of who I am. All the structures that my life transformed around me to ‘protect’ me. And how, with the Work, time and self-compassion, I can gradually find who I truly am underneath it all.
Viki Rutter
The Diamond Approach supports me to go deeper and deeper into the fundamental nature of what and who I am, using my day to day experiences as a departure point.
Bruno “Niten” Kortenhorst
Diamond Work has supported me to open my heart to boundless love. The teachings, teachers, my fellow students, and my own inquiry work are all part of this journey.
John Morris
Since joining DAA in 2009 I have discovered things about myself which interfered with experiencing serenity and joy. I know a different way of being in the world now.
Skye Fitzpatrick
The Diamond Approach is a transformative and gentle process that enables me to be more authentic and present to my life. What I appreciate most is the respectful honouring of each individual’s unfolding to emerge in its own way and own time. It is work for the brave hearted, but you will not be disappointed!
Jen Thompson
The Diamond Approach (Work) provides me with a kind, holding and realistic approach to my spiritual journey, and how to continue this in the society and world I live in.
Rob Cook
Diamond Approach has been like a luscious, tropical fruit to me. Dripping with sweet nectar for my spiritual soul. A journey I had never experienced before.
Celia Clarke
The Diamond Approach is the most important work in my life, because it assists me in recognizing the truth in my life and living by it. It is a path of radical self-acceptance that is helping be me in all parts of my life.
Alice White
DAA work for me is about a journey of discovery regarding what is truth, and this helps me answer the question, “who am I”? and know my world, myself and others with more love, sensitivity, clarity and discernment.
Deb Thompson
The Diamond Approach has given me a whole new outlook on life. I recognized old habits that didn’t serve me, and have a framework to become who I truly am. I have found a wonderful group of like-minded friends to share this life journey.
Peter McKnoulty

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