There is no need for blind trust; there is no need for blind love; there is no need for anything blind. The Diamond Approach is the seeing, is the understanding itself. So, in the beginning the student needs only sincerity, and the understanding that the barriers to your fufillment are inside of you, and so is the fulfillment.
A.H. Almaas


The Diamond Approach

The Diamond Approach is an unfolding contemporary teaching, a path of self-realisation and human maturity, that is based on an original synthesis of modern depth psychology and ancient spiritual teachings. The Diamond Approach is for people who sincerely wish to engage in the process of self-realisation.

In the Diamond Approach, self-realization involves the complete realization of all aspects
of Being. Each aspect manifests, its issues are understood and it finally
becomes a permanent attainment as segments of the ego are abandoned.
It is a lengthy, deep process, rich with surprises, full of difficulties of all kinds,
and replete with color and significance.*

The depth and elegant precision of the teaching makes this approach to self-realisation, through a process of open-ended inquiry into the various elements of experience and its patterns, inviting for people with a heart-felt wish to know their inner depth more personally and precisely.

When that inquiry is sincere and intelligent, it is bound to encounter the psychological
and epistemological barriers against the free unfoldment of the soul. Challenging such barriers
by questioning them leads to the insightful and correctly felt comprehension of these barriers.
In this way, inquiry and understanding penetrate the barriers and open up our soul to the
still-unknown possibilities sleeping in its depths.*

The Diamond Approach has evolved as a living, dynamic teaching that continues to develop and unfold. The teaching is oriented towards the natural and spontaneous revelation of the truth of the soul as people investigate their emerging experience, motivated by love for the truth and joy in it.

It’s not as though you look into your experience and find the truth, and this truth stays the
truth forever and ever. In each moment there is truth arising anew in your experience. The next
moment, the truth in your experience might be different from the truth you discovered last.
So the truth is dynamic, constantly shifting, changing, and transforming. And inquiry is
the dynamic process that reveals increasing degrees and depths of that truth.*

The Diamond Approach teaching is revealed and established through a variety of experiences including personal practices (meditation, sensing, movement, life practice and inquiry), individual sessions with a teacher, small group meetings with fellow students, and ongoing retreat groups. In each of these unfolding processes the Diamond Approach has at its core a process of experiential inquiry into the self, inviting the self to reveal its truth as a direct living understanding in the present moment.

We learn to be ourselves by recognizing the truth of our experience. We cannot recognize the
truth of our experience if we don’t know where we are in the moment. We won’t recognize where
we are if we resist being where we are. Not allowing ourselves to be where we are prevents us
from understanding our experience for what it is, and we won’t see the truth of the situation.*

The Diamond Approach welcomes all of a person’s experience. Nothing is excluded, nothing is rejected. Everyday experience, as it emerges, provides the inspiration and ground for inquiry. And in this dynamic, unfolding process presence becomes a way of being.

The Diamond Approach supports living a personal life in relationship to other human beings and
engaging in other human activities besides spiritual practice. Being manifests not only in the
transcendental, but also in down-to-earth, practical and personal forms that are relevant to everyday life.
And daily life itself can become spiritual realization.*

If you feel called to do so, DAA invites you to explore further the unique and rare opportunity offered by the beautiful and effective path of self-realisation that is revealed in the Diamond Approach.

* Quotes are from the publications of A.H. Almaas