The abiding flow of experience in self-realization is neither “driven” nor “led”;
it is the natural and spontaneous flow of presence. The presence is the center of the self,
from which all creativity, initiative and action arise.

A.H. Almaas



The teachers who facilitate DAA retreats are all qualified Teachers/Ministers of the Ridhwan School and are sometimes referred to as Ridhwan Teachers/Ministers. Teachers of the Diamond Approach complete a rigorous seven-year training program, with an extensive period of supervision, while continuing their own ongoing spiritual work as students of the teaching. The Ridhwan Foundation continues to oversee their ongoing development and the overall direction of the teaching.

All except two of the current DAA teachers travel from the USA three times a year. Australia's resident Diamond Approach teachers live in Byron Bay and Melbourne. Currently there are a number of Australian students in various stages of completing their teacher training in the USA and Europe.

 JeanBerwick DiamondEssenceAustralia

Jean Berwick

introduced the work of the Diamond Approach to Australians in 1992. As interest and participation in it has grown, Jean’s own connection with the people and the Land of Australia has also grown and deepened. Jean feels that she has two homes now, one in Colorado in the USA, and one in Australia.  Jean also teaches in Colorado, where she enjoys time with her grandchildren. She has been a Teacher/Minister of the Diamond Approach since 1985.

 AnneLaney DiamondEssenceAustralia

Anne Laney

has been a Teacher/Minister of the Diamond Approach in Australia since 2002.  She loves coming to Australia, and has visited Uluru, Tasmania, Byron Bay, Cairns, and other parts of Australia.  Anne feels it is a delight to have the opportunity to get to know more of this country over the years.  Anne teaches several of the groups here in Australia, as well as groups in the USA in Boulder (Colorado) and Boston (Massachusetts).  Anne has been a student of the Diamond Approach since 1989 and is delighted to have found this work, and grateful for all it has opened her up to.

 JaneArmytage DiamondEssenceAustralia

Jane Armytage

has been a student of the Diamond Approach in both Europe and the USA since 1993.  She returned to Australia in 1999 and has been a teacher of this path here since 2007.  She is Australian born with a particular love and appreciation of the spiritual power of this land.  She is married to Aboriginal poet and activist Wayne Armytage and lives in the hills behind Byron Bay with her adopted clan and various forms of wildlife.

 AndreasMouskos DiamondEssenceAustralia

Andreas Mouskos

has been a student of the Diamond Approach since 1989.  Before coming to this work, Andreas practiced a Hindu path for 15 years. He lives in the USA but he was born in London (UK) and was raised on the island of Cyprus. He studied architecture in Florence (Italy) and later psychology in the USA. Andreas currently teaches in Australia and the USA in Boulder and Denver (Colorado), and Boston (Massachusetts). He has two grown up children and a granddaughter who also live in Colorado.

 JoHabib DiamondEssenceAustralia

Jo Habib

has been a student of the Ridhwan Diamond Approach since 1987.  She has been a Teacher/Minister since 2003, teaching with Diamond Approach Australia since 2008. Jo lives and works in Maui Hawaii where she is active in the Hawaii Diamond Approach Group.  Jo experiences a natural resonance and deep love for the land and peoples of Australia and finds these experiences connect to her love for the people and land of Hawaii.  She enjoys being in nature, gardening, dancing Hula and teaching students in this work the pathway into their deeper nature. Jo feels it is an honour and a pleasure to be a member of the Australian teaching team.

 KarenSolomonBrewer DiamondEssenceAustralia

Karen Solomon Brewer

Karen Solomon Brewer is a Diamond Approach Teacher living in Maui, Hawaii.  She has been a student of the Diamond Approach for 25 years and a Teacher/Minister since 2002.  Karen leads the Hawaii Diamond Approach Group 3 and has taught in Italy, Holland and Germany. She also teaches in the California teacher training program and is a supervisor for new teachers-in-training. Karen joined the Australian teaching team in June 2012. She feels a deep affinity for Australia and the people she has met here.  Karen deeply appreciates the opportunity to guide people on this precious journey to knowing who and what they really are. In Hawaii, she enjoys daily outrigger canoe paddling, swimming and the beauty of Nature.

 LaurieWattell DiamondEssenceAustralia

Laurie Wattell

is a long-time student of A.H. Almaas and a Teacher/Minister since 1995. She works with students in her office in Albany, California and travels to retreats in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and Germany. Since June 2012 Laurie has been assisting in Australia with DAA6. She feels very privileged to be of service as a Diamond Approach teacher. Laurie lives in Richmond, California, and enjoys being outdoors in her garden and hiking along the rugged California coastline.


Ashley Wain

Ashley lives in Melbourne and has been studying the Diamond Approach with DAA for 16 years. Ash has recently completed the Diamond Approach teacher training program and will be assisting with the DAA7 group. Ashley has a background as an actor and acting teacher. He lives in Melbourne with his wife and son.


Jill Davey

Jill has been a student of the Diamond Approach since 1999 and was ordained as a teacher in 2014.  She works with students in Berkeley, California, is Co-Director of the Diamond Approach Online -- a new initiative offering some of the teachings of the Diamond Approach online -- and is part of the team investigating bringing the Diamond Approach to Asia. Jill is also a yoga teacher and has been steeped in the wisdom of Earth-based teachings for years. Jill lives in Berkeley, California.