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A number of books by A.H.Almaas are published by Shambhala and distributed in Australia by Random House. Visit A.H. Almaas' author page on Shambhala or Sounds True for written, audio and video resources.

The books on this website are catalogued according to the series to which they belong. Other listed books offer particular teachings on other facets of the Diamond Approach including the personal journey of A.H.Almaas. Clicking a cover will give you more information about a title or a series and some excerpts to download and sample.

If you are just discovering the Diamond Approach, the following books by A.H. Almaas provide helpful introductory reading. Click for more information:

•    Essence and the Elixir of Enlightenment
•    Diamond Heart Series Book 1: Elements of the Real in Man
•    Diamond Heart Series Book 2: The Freedom to Be

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Amazon ebooks

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 Diamond Heart Series

Almaas DiamondHeartBook1 SM Almaas DiamondHeartBook2 SM Almaas DiamondHeartBook3 SM Almaas DiamondHeartBook4 SM Almaas DiamondHeartBook5 SM

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Diamond Body Series

Almaas SpacecruiserInquiry SM Almaas Brilliancy SM Almaas TheUnfoldingNow SM    

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 Diamond Mind Series

Almaas TheVoid SM Almaas ThePearlBeyondPrice SM Almaas ThePointOfExistence SM    

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 Other Books

Almaas RunawayRealization SM Almaas TheInnerJourneyHome SM Almaas ThePowerOfDivineEros SM    

Almaas FacetsOfUnity SM Almaas LuminousNightsJourney SM Almaas Essence&Elixir SM    

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 Other useful books by Diamond Approach teachers

Brown SoulWithoutShame SM Almaas TheDiamondApproach SM      

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 Audio books

Almaas AudioDivineEros SM Almaas AudioMindSiegel SM Almaas AudioRealizationUnfolds SM Almaas AudioTheDiamondApproach SM Almaas AudioConsciousLove SM

Almaas AudioUnfoldingNow SM Almaas AudioInnerJourney SM Almaas AudioSacredPsychology SM Almaas AudioTalksOne SM Almaas AudioTalksTwo SM

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