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The Diamond Approach has a rich literature that supports students and interested others in their understanding of the teachings of the Diamond Approach.

Commencing with his first book in 1984 and continuing to the present, researchers and thinkers, particularly in the field of psychology, philosophy and other disciplines, have been drawn to consider the original discoveries and insights A.H. Almaas has brought forward. To highlight the scope of scholarly interest in his work, an edited list of English language citations of the writing of A.H. Almaas can be found here.

Click on any of the following articles that you are interested in reading. These links are derived directly from the website of A.H. Almaas and will take you to the corresponding page on his site.

The Pearl Beyond Price
Don Flory
The Yoga Journal, Sep/Oct 1990

The Diamond Approach
Richard Smoley
Gnosis Magazine Fall 1992

Uncovering the Essential Self
Tony Schwartz
New Age Journal May/June 1995

Spiritual Work and Psychotherapy
by A. H. Almaas 1995

What Really Matters
Tony Schwartz
excerpt from book 1996

The Work of A.H. Almaas
Kriben Pillay
Noumenon Spring 1997

Common Boundary Interview
Pythia Peay - Nov/Dec 1999

Conversation with A. H. Almaas
Andrea Isaacs & Jack Labanauskas
Enneagram Monthly 1999

Loving the Truth for Its Own Sake
by Toshan Ivo Quartiroli 2004

The Diamond Approach and The Inner Journey Home
Tim J Sullivan, M.Sc. and John Davis, Ph.D.
Common Ground 2004

The Passionate Love for Truth
Dina Glouberman
Caduceus 2004

InZicht Interview
Han van den Boogaard
InZicht (Insight), issue 1, 2007

BRILLIANCY: The Essence of Intelligence
Watkins Review 2007

Inner Journey Home Book Review
Lawrence M. Spiro, Ph.D.
appeared in Perspective Magazine 2007

The Unfolding Now
Watkins Review Article 2008

The Culture of Narcissism Revisited
Pastoral Psychology 2009