Everything in the universe
is a pitcher brimming with wisdom and beauty.




We invite you to explore the diverse selection of links, books, videos and articles provided in this area of the DEA website. Just as in the practice of inquiry, a core practice in the Diamond Approach, we encourage you to let your curiosity lead you in a process of discovery.  The links will take you into a range of areas associated with the Diamond Approach, while viewing the books will provide you with an overview of the writings of A.H.Almaas and other teachers. You will also find a selection of videos that are free to view and that will offer you a taste of the teaching. Should you wish to purchase any of the resources listed here you will find direct links to online stores.


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The Diamond Approach is well established in many locations throughout the world. The dynamism of the Diamond Approach to Self-Realisation and The Ridhwan School for Spiritual Development means that there are often events occurring in different parts of the world. Click on any of the following links to discover more about the Diamond Approach and what is on offer.

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A number of books by A.H.Almaas are published by Shambhala and distributed in Australia by Random House. The books on this website are catalogued according to the series to which they belong. Other listed books offer particular teachings on other facets of the Diamond Approach including the personal journey of A.H.Almaas.

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The Diamond Approach is now well documented in a range of video and audio recordings that present particular aspects of the teaching. These resources support students and interested others to have a more immediate experience of the Diamond Approach. Click on any of the following videos that you are interested in viewing.

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The Diamond Approach has a rich literature that supports students and interested others in their understanding of the teachings of the Diamond Approach. Click on any of the following articles that you are interested in reading.