We are a window in the universe for the nameless reality.
A.H. Almaas


Free online webinars


The DAA Online Webinars aim to provide:

  • members of the public anywhere in the world with a low cost, easily accessible means to get a taste of the Diamond Approach
  • an opportunity to experience the Diamond Approach where no prior experience is required
  • a standalone learning experience where you do not need to attend a previous webinar to register for a webinar of your choice.

Each webinar runs for two hours on a Saturday morning commencing at 9am (AEST – Sydney) and concluding at 11am.

You will need to login 15 minutes before the start time of the webinar (8.45am AEST) so that we can check that everything is working for you.

All webinars are conducted in English.

What happens in a webinar?

Each two-hour interactive webinar explores a particular theme associated with a core teaching of the Diamond Approach.

An overview of each webinar is provided on the event listing and registration page. A webinar starts with some form of meditation or sensing experience and is followed by a specific teaching related to the theme of the webinar.

There will also be an opportunity to deepen your personal understanding through an individual inquiry process that is sensitive to your confidentiality and mindful of the open nature of the group. The webinars focus on the teaching of the Diamond Approach and are not a therapy or counselling process.

Webinar theme: Exploring who we really are

The current webinar theme explores the question of who we really from a Diamond Approach perspective. The webinars will be presented by a variety of experienced Diamond Approach teachers.

More information about each webinar is listed under Upcoming Events.

Fees and registration

DAA webinars are free.

You are required to register within 48 hours for each webinar you plan to attend. Once you have registered once, you can use your username and password to quickly login and register for additional events and it is possible to register for more than one webinar at a time.

Schedule, information and registration is here

Technical requirements

The basic technical requirements you will need to satisfy to be able participate in a webinar are:

  • Access to a computer
  • Access to headphones with a microphone
  • Software that will automatically be installed on your computer (Adobe Connect) 
  • Minimum ADSL/NBN internet connection with sufficient download speed for video
  • A webcam is not required

After you have registered for a webinar you will receive:

  • an email that confirms your registration
  • an email that provides you with all the information you require to login to the particular webinar for which you are registered.

If you do not receive this information and/or are experiencing difficulties with the technical requirements please contact us and someone from the webinar hosting group will be in touch with you.