Fully engaging reality is a process, a ceaseless journey without destination.
A.H. Almaas


Public events

Welcome to the public events offered by DAA. The events referred to in this part of the website are open to the general public. No prior experience of the Diamond Approach is necessary.

These events provide ways to get a taste of the Diamond Approach through online webinars and face-to-face introductory retreats.

Some people use these experiences to help them decide about becoming involved as an ongoing student while others participate simply to discover more about themselves and the Diamond Approach with no intention to join an ongoing retreat group.

Other ways to get a taste of the Diamond Approach include:

  • doing individual sessions with a Diamond Approach teacher
  • attending the international Quasar retreats held in a different city of world each year
  • browsing through the rich resources of books, articles and videos on this website.

We invite you explore the various public events on offer and complete the registration process for those that are of interest to you.