You cannot make yourself grow; you can only cease to interfere.
You cannot make yourself happy; you can only stop your judgements.
Growth and expansion are natural; they are the life force itself. And you cannot predict its direction.

A.H. Almaas


Becoming involved

One way to become involved with DAA is to commence individual spiritual insight sessions with a Diamond Approach teacher. This is the usual pathway to join an ongoing retreat group. You can also ask to be put on our mailing list or attend upcoming events open to the public.

Retreat groups

DAA Retreat groups are committed to a long-term process of spiritual study.

The group format creates a field of spiritual resonance that allows a gradual process of individual spiritual development. A new group stays open for some time (usually several years) and then closes so that the work may deepen over time.

DAA retreat groups meet three times a year in January, June and October in the inner Sydney suburb of Kensington. The January and June retreats are five days and the October weekend is three days. Every three years DAA holds a nine day residential retreat for the entire Australian school.

The retreats are mostly non–residential and are held at locations that provide accommodation for those travelling from interstate and wishing to stay onsite.

Each retreat has a particular theme associated with a core teaching of the Diamond Approach. The same teaching is provided to all students no matter where they are in the world.

All group meetings and retreats use an experiential approach that includes talks, spiritual practices (e.g. meditation, sensing, movement exercises and life practice), experiential exercises in pairs, triads and small groups, large group discussion and personal exploration.

Students continue their exploration between retreats in monthly meetings in local geographical areas.

DAA uses online technology extensively to support students who live remotely and to facilitate student contact between retreats.

While the process of self-realisation in the Diamond Approach is viewed as an ongoing and long-term process students may choose to leave the work at various points along the way according to their personal needs and development.

If you would like to join a retreat group check upcoming events or contact us for information about ongoing retreat groups and how to commence individual sessions with a Diamond Approach teacher.