It is our nature to be aware. That is why it is possible to see the truth.
The truth is our nature. Ultimately we are awareness
A.H. Almaas


Joining a retreat group

Applications are now open for our new ongoing retreat group (DAA7) for interested people from through out Australia and neighbouring countries.

An open group is for people looking to join with others for ongoing exploration of the Diamond Approach.

Commencing individual work with one of the Diamond Approach teachers is the usual pathway to joining an existing ongoing group and our application process explains what is involved in starting sessions with a DA teacher.

You are also most welcome to attend the next DAA7 retreat while the group is still open and then decide how you want to continue your exploration.

In the lead up to joining a new group you can attend other public events such as webinars, "Essentional Conversation", book study groups, occasional one or two day introductory teaching events offered by DAA and the Quasar Retreat offered by the Ridhwan School in a different country each year. DA Online events are also offered by the Ridhwan School and are another way to begin your exploration of the Diamond Approach.