Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.
It will not lead you astray.



There are student fees for each aspect of the DAA process including payments for the three DAA retreats, individual teacher sessions and membership fees for the Ridhwan Foundation and the DAA Student Association (i.e. DAASA). Fees are kept as low as possible and are comparable to other self-development experiences.

Expenses associated with travel, accommodation and food are not included in DAA fees and are the only additional costs incurred by students.

As students make only an inner commitment to their participation in DAA and the Diamond Approach there are no contracts of any kind with DAA.

Retreat fees

The DAA retreat schedule consists of three and five day retreats in Sydney. The cost of the five-day retreats is $880 (GST Inclusive) and the cost of the three day rereats are $550 (GST Inclusive). There is approximately 130 hours of Diamond Approach teaching each year. The retreat fee includes the teaching costs for the three annual Sydney retreats (January five-day retreat, June five-day retreat and October three-day retreat) and the monthly interim small group meetings held in local areas


Individual sessions

Students are required to participate in individual spiritual insight sessions with their Diamond Approach teacher. On average this involves 8-10 individual sessions per year. It is possible for students to arrange additional sessions, but this is at the discretion of students and by arrangement with their teacher. The cost for each of these 55 minute individual sessions is $130.

Ridhwan Foundation membership

An annual fee is paid to the Ridhwan Foundation based in the USA by all students of the Diamond Approach throughout the world. This fee supports the work of the Ridhwan School. The annual fee is $109 (GST inclusive) for students who have completed their first retreat. The annual fee is $69 (GST inclusive) for students who are doing individual sessions with a Diamond Approach teacher and who are not attending retreats.

Diamond Approach Student Association (DAASA)

DAASA is a not-for-profit association set up by DAA students for the primary purpose of providing travel and grant support to students as needed. The annual DAASA Fee is $10.00, plus a once off joining fee of $5.00. While the fee is optional, students can only take advantage of the financial assistance and attend DAASA meetings if they are members. Students are eligible to become members of DAASA after completing their first year of DAA retreats. Members of DAASA become eligible for financial assistance after completing their second year of DAA retreats.

DAA attempts to keep fees and additional costs to a minimum. DAA retreat fees are paid in three instalments. DAA does not accept credit cards or over-the-counter bank transfers. Cheques are accepted. Online electronic funds transfer (EFT) is the preferred method of payment.