As you start to walk on the way,
the way appears.



Application process

If you are interested in commencing individual sessions with a Diamond Approach teacher or becoming involved in an ongoing retreat group the application process involves the following steps:

1.   Completing a comprehensive and confidential questionnaire that is forwarded to one of the DAA teachers.
   Participating in a personal interview (usually conducted by telephone or Skype) with one of the DAA teachers.

On the successful completion of this initial application process you will be invited to commence individual spiritual insight sessions with a Diamond Approach teacher using telephone or Skype. These sessions may be used to support your application process and are the usual pathway for people to commence their Diamond Approach work before the next scheduled retreat.

To commence the initial application process contact us indicating your interest and a DAA administration person (Rosanna) will contact you.

DAA is non-discriminatory in its philosophy, policies and procedures and welcomes all people from diverse backgrounds and differing abilities.