Let the waters settle and you will see the moon
and the stars mirrored in your own being.



Diamond Approach Australia

Diamond Approach Australia (DAA) is an organisation committed to making the Diamond Approach available, visible and widely accessible in Australia. We are an inclusive spiritual community that values love of Truth, the freedom of humanity, respect for the land and care for the unfolding universe.

DAA, while independent in its every day functioning, is a recognised Diamond Approach Group affiliated with the Ridhwan School based in the USA in Berkeley, California and Boulder, Colorado.

DAA is the new name for Diamond Essence Australia (DEA). It has been offering the teaching of the Diamond Approach in Australia since 1992. The teaching was brought to Australia by Jean Berwick and is provided by visiting and local teachers from the USA and Australia.

Currently there are over 200 students participating in seven ongoing DAA retreat groups. Students come from across Australia (for example, Sydney, Wollongong, Gosford, The Blue Mountains, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Launceston and Alice Springs), New Zealand and Singapore.

These groups meet for retreats three times a year in January, June and October and participate in smaller ongoing groups between retreats. Students also work with Diamond Approach teachers in individual spiritual insight sessions on a regular basis.

Ridhwan School & Foundation

The Ridhwan School is the home to the Diamond Approach, a spiritual path and a community of individuals committed to inner work. The Ridhwan School comprises all members of Diamond Approach groups and students working individually with a Diamond Approach teacher anywhere in the world.

There are Diamond Approach retreat groups, similar to DAA, in numerous states in the USA, in Canada, in a number of European countries (UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Italy) and in New Zealand. There are approximately 5000 students in the school worldwide.

The aim and orientation of the Ridhwan School are the development of students so that they attain spiritual maturity and completeness - an open-ended, on-going, unlimited unfoldment. The larger aim of the School is to contribute to the evolution of humanity in the service of our True Nature.

The Diamond Approach is the spiritual teaching, the path, and the method of the Ridhwan School. The purpose of the Diamond Approach is to realise, actualise, and develop the potential and essence of the human soul as an expression of True Nature.

The Ridhwan Foundation under the direction Hameed Ali (A.H. Almaas), the spiritual head of the School, is dedicated to disseminating the teaching of the Diamond Approach, and to supporting, preserving, and safeguarding the integrity of this teaching.

Hu symbol

HuForQuotesThe Hu symbol pictured on this website is a significant symbol used in the Ridhwan School and DAA. Hu, the name of the Absolute (i.e. the source of everything) in Arabic, when repeated four times in Kufic script forms an octagon. This octagon symbol represents the complete human being who emerges from the natural movement of our development toward unity: it is the human embodiment of the Absolute in the world. An additional symbolism of Hu is to represent the Truth (reflected by the gold) emerging from the Absolute (reflected by the black).